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Intelligent Bionic Knee Joint

Intelligent Bionic Knee Joint

Intelligent Bionic Knee Joint


Classic Four Axis Fink pneumatic structure

Joint movement pressure damping range, controlled by the DC micro-motor

10-stall levels, can be adjusted of 10 different damping degree

Divided into Manual Mode/Automatic Mode (Manual Mode can be adjusted to a fixed gear;Damping degree is automatically adjusted by the PLC chip according to the patient pace when Automatic Mode )

High rigidity stretch elastic design, increase comfort and safety of joint when exercising

145 urve design will enhance the activity of knee joint with different needss

Portable remote control design (1.Adjust the parameters 2.turn off the remote control 3.Keep stable, no need to bring with it)

When battery powered off, it can be used as an ordinary pneumatic knee, damping is still maintained


1 Body weight below 100KG

2 Used for patients with physical exercise grades 2 and 3 (Not for patients with high physical exercise grade)

3 Knee Disarticulation/Thigh Amputation with longer stump

Technical Data:




Knee Disarticulation/Thigh Amputation


Aluminium Alloy( High Precision 5 Axles CNC Process)


1020 g (Adjustable Cone Core)

Systemic Height



Lithium Battery 3.7V / 1150 mAh


Automatic Electron Vernier Pneumatic System

Near Side Connection

Adjustable Cone Core / 4 hole φ6mm Connector / φ10mm Single Screw

Far Side Connection

Pipe Clamp φ30mm

Maximum Flexion


Body weight Limits

100KG / 220 1bs

Exercise Grades

2 / 3