New products release

Column:Company News Time:2019-05-07
Cryo pneumatic products help patients with quicker recovery from injury by using cold gel packs.

Ortocare add new products line of cryo pneumatic products for cold therapy like cryo pneumatic knee brace, cryo pneumatic shoulder brace, cryo pneumatic ankle strap, cryo wrist brace, cryo thigh wrap and cryo lumbar brace. These products help patients with quick recovery from injury by using cold gel packs.

The max temperature for the gel pack is 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 
The lowest temperature for the gel pack is -4 degrees Fahrenheit.
The gel pack will neutralize to room temp after 2 hours of use. 
The max/lowest temperature duration is dependent on the variety of patient's skin temp and setting . Factors to take into consideration would be: blankets, wraps, room temp, & clothing. 
*Please keep in mind the cryo devices are intended for cold therapy only. Heating the gel pack could cause serious harm to a patient.